Thursday 28 November 2013

Cheese and Chilli

Cheese on the Left, Mild Cheddar on the Right

But it's Chilli tonight
well actually it's chilli tomorrow, because I cooked this yesterday as I've no time today,
Now it's tomorrow, and today as well.

This is based on a recipe first seen in "The Times" calling for a mixture of belly pork, beef and pancetta, and a lemon. And three tablespoons of chilli powder, which is just silly. Some sort of bacon is good for flavour, but otherwise pork or beef is fine (Or lamb if you want a chilli shepherd)

Asmall pack of cheapo pancetta and 750g of brisket, chopped.

For a change, brown basmati rice.
 One coffee mug of rice, to a saucepan full of water,
 boiled for 25 minutes ish, until tender

Fry the pancetta, (streaky bacon is a good alternative) Add a chopped large onion, and a few cloves of garlic, chopped and fry until soft and squishy. Fry/brown  the beef (in a separate pan if you like ) Mix the lot together, add a tablespoon of flour and some tomato puree, and a teaspoon or two of chilli powder, to taste and two teapoons of ground roasted cumin. Stir together, and just over a pint of stock add the lemon cut into bits. Add a tin of red kidney beans, and cook until the beef is cooked.

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