Thursday 19 June 2014

Going Roastal Pudding

Went for a large Yorkshire this time: 100g plain flour, pinch of salt, two eggs, milk to make a pouring batter.Just cover the base of the pan with oil, heated to jolly hot at the top of  an even jollier oven  (Gas 9). Pour in the batter and cook for approx 15 mins - until it rises and looks a nice colour.

Going Roastal Potatoes

I parboil the potatoes for 10 mins or so, drain and cool. Then bung some salt on, and shake about to get a roughened surface. Roasting pan has about 1/4 inch  of  oil, heated lightly less jolliily than the yorkshire. (Gas  7) and cooked for about 45 mins, once again until the colour looks nice.

Going Roastal Beef

A Joint of Silverside approx 800g - make sure it as some fat on, and sprinkle a bit of salt and pepperiness. In the middle of the oven at Gas 5 for only 50 mins, and rest it (out of the oven) for 10-15 mins. This is a bit pink,, so cook for longer if you don't want the blood

Thursday 12 June 2014

Hybrid Bread

Only Partly Sour Dough

Only partly - because it's quicker than than going sour throughout, but still has an element of taste

Made the preliminary sponge in the usual way, -250g flour (10% Rye) 250ml water _ two TBS of Sourdough starter. Left that for 24 hrs, then added a further 250g Strong white flour, + 1 tsp of fast acting yeast.  Knead for 10 mins, rise for 30 mins bake for about 40 mins

Tasty Salad
Never been a great one for those salad dressings with exotic names, so mix up my own
A couple of teaspoons of each of Wholegrain mustard and Hot horseradish, a teaspoon of runny honey, and mix together with  wine/cider vinegar and olive oil.

These were in May 
Busy Curry Day in the Kitchen

Time for a bit of a Chinese Buffet

Black bean sauce/ Oyster Sauce/ Duck/ Noodles/Eggy Rice
With Chicken, beef and pork

Oh yes, and Sticky Ribs