Thursday 12 June 2014

Hybrid Bread

Only Partly Sour Dough

Only partly - because it's quicker than than going sour throughout, but still has an element of taste

Made the preliminary sponge in the usual way, -250g flour (10% Rye) 250ml water _ two TBS of Sourdough starter. Left that for 24 hrs, then added a further 250g Strong white flour, + 1 tsp of fast acting yeast.  Knead for 10 mins, rise for 30 mins bake for about 40 mins

Tasty Salad
Never been a great one for those salad dressings with exotic names, so mix up my own
A couple of teaspoons of each of Wholegrain mustard and Hot horseradish, a teaspoon of runny honey, and mix together with  wine/cider vinegar and olive oil.

These were in May 
Busy Curry Day in the Kitchen

Time for a bit of a Chinese Buffet

Black bean sauce/ Oyster Sauce/ Duck/ Noodles/Eggy Rice
With Chicken, beef and pork

Oh yes, and Sticky Ribs

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