Thursday 12 December 2013

Cheesy Peasy Curry, Kebab and Nan Bread

Hot and Tasty

Paneer and peas, Lamb kebab and a nan bread
The wet curry involves frying an onion and some garlic in ghee or oil, Spice mix includes cumin, coriander, lots of fennel (seeds), star anise, turmeric and ground ginger, and black peppercorns. Grind the spices, fry them for a while with the onion, add a carton/tin of chopped tomatoes, simmer away fro a while, then add the peas and cubed paneer.   

The bread starts with self raising flour with added baking powder, egg, plain yoghurt and water to mix to a soft dough. Leave for half an hour or so, shape into  a sausage then cut bits off and roll out to a shape that appeals.

Put the appealing shape onto a very hot pan/tawa. When bubbles form after a few minutes, flip it over and  cook for another minute or so, until the spots are an appealing brown


Now for the kebabby things

About a 500g each of lamb and turkey mince. Spice mix is a puree of fried onions,
 garlic, fesh gingerchilli, cumin and cinammon, with plain youghurt and bit of water to mix. Whis this together with the meat. (Fry a small portion to test flavour) Then shape round skewers and grill for some 5mins each side. - Or you could form kofta "meatballs" and cook them in a curry sauce.

Monday 2 December 2013

Sausages and more Chilli

Pork Shoulder on special offer again, so a 2.5kg lump (Approx £8)
 will do some sausages and another chilli- for three
sausage meat is the same as used previously, but with red and green pastes added.

The red paste is paprika, chilli,onion and garlic, with a bit of water to mix, 
then whizzed to a paste and  squidged in with the meat

The green paste is Pesto, chopped olives (with pimento) and parmesan

and here's a couple of small green sausage, rather less green when cooked,
ideal for breakfast with sour dough rye bread, egg, and nice crispy bacon 

 this is the chilli, a bit paler than the last because I'd run out of red oxo
and used chicken instead.