Monday 2 December 2013

Sausages and more Chilli

Pork Shoulder on special offer again, so a 2.5kg lump (Approx £8)
 will do some sausages and another chilli- for three
sausage meat is the same as used previously, but with red and green pastes added.

The red paste is paprika, chilli,onion and garlic, with a bit of water to mix, 
then whizzed to a paste and  squidged in with the meat

The green paste is Pesto, chopped olives (with pimento) and parmesan

and here's a couple of small green sausage, rather less green when cooked,
ideal for breakfast with sour dough rye bread, egg, and nice crispy bacon 

 this is the chilli, a bit paler than the last because I'd run out of red oxo
and used chicken instead.

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