Monday 31 March 2014

Chinese again

So we have "aromatic" duck, pork in black bean sauce and in oyster sauce,
both with  bamboo shoots and water chestnuts - and pork in batter, egg rice and noodles
The black bean goo
Top, Deep fried pork in batter -(6 parts plain flour to 4 parts cornflour, nice crispy batter)
boiled rice, the fried a a little butter, and  a beaten egg poured slowly over while stirring.
Below that, the duck. I'm not a great fan of the shredded not crispy "crispy" duck often seen in Chinese restaurants. So this was duck legs, roasted for about 45 mins, cooled and pulled apart. The left to marinade in honey and chilli, and fried for jsy a minute or soin a jolly hot wok.  


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