Thursday 10 October 2013

Haggis & Black Pudding, and Homemade Bread 
Haggis & Black pudding Shepherd's Pie

Mash together the haggis and black pudding, cover in mashed potato
and bake in the oven for 45 mins or so

Lots more stuff coming soon, in the meantime look at my photos on

What about Bread?  Depending on time, make it by hand, Sourdough is nice - or part breadmaker. 

So the above is the part breadmaker version - 50% white 50% wholemeal, 45 minute knead program on the breadmaker, another 45 minutes rise in one of those breadbasket things, and 40 mins  ish in the oven.

Whereas this one is all white, but otherwise similar method.

And this one is Sour dough, bread that really tastes of something. a "Sponge" of flour (50-50 white and rye), water, and the sour dough starter which is left to rise overnight. Then then same quantity of flour again, kneaded well by hand. Rise overnight again, and bake. 

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