Wednesday 23 October 2013

Curry Saturday Once Again

Here's the spices for today's Curry. All the usual stuff, but note the amchur - also known as sour Mango Powder, and the Black Salt which you don't see everywhere. Both add to this sour dish.

But before that here's my not spag bol page

Anyway, back to the curry. This, as mentioned above has some sour ingredients which make it quite different from those restaurant standards. So what did I do? Well I ground allt eh spices together. What you see on the plate is what I used. Then - Fry an onion until soft and golden. And garlic too if you like add some meat , I chopped up 4 chicken breasts. fry that too for a bit. Add the ground spices and fry for a bit. I add then a can of chopped tomatoes, and  a can of whole tomatoes blitzed to a mush. stir it all round . Add a can of chick peas. As a final flavour boost stir in some kasoori methi. Thats the green herb version of the Fenugreek seeds. (If you think someone smells of curry, it's probably the methi, in either form - no the garlic)

We had the usual boiled rice with it, but some naan would be good too Here's how

Still not quite enough so how about some prawny things.

This batter here is mostly chick pea (gram) flour with a bit of cornflour salt, sugar, and the red stuff is achar pickle spice. Add the prawns to the dry mix, then ad a little water to make a stick mix. Be careful here as this flour can go from dry/sticky to wet soup very quickly. - Now  take take a few prawns at a time and fry them until golden.

Here it is, with dry roast cumin and green coriander

I Don't do many desserts but when there's a guest ---This is a very quick microwave sponge and dodgy custard. I had some left over stewed apple so put that in the bottom of a bowl. For the sponge, mix together  4oz Self raising flour +2 tsp baking powder. 4oz sugar, 4 oz butter or marge, hard or soft, and two eggs. Could add some lemon juice. Pour that on top of the apple, and cook in a microwave for about  5 mins - more if the sponge isn't cooked . For the dodgy custard, in a jug add a couple of egg yolks, 4 or 5 tso sugar, 4 tsp cornflour. Mix to a paste with a little mik, then upo half a pint or so, maybe a bit more. Put it all in a saucepan, and cook slowly stirring all the time until it just simmers and thickens, and that's it. Add more sugar to taste, and a bit of vanilla extract/essence if available.

and finally - got some bread ready for Sunday

Half Rye/Half strong white

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