Monday 4 August 2014

Entirely Non-Authentic Pizza

Pizza dough made in bread maker on the no bake setting. (500g Flour, tsp yeast/sugar/salt +  300mm water.) Rolled/pummelled out to fit baking tray, them baked without topping for ten mins. Turn it over and spread on the tomato stuff (two thirds tomato puree to one third green pesto approx) Olives on next so they don't roll off, cover in grated cheese of choice, strong cheddar in this case, then layer on the pepperoni, and cook for another ten minutes or so. Probably serves four

And Next, curry again

A red lentil base, (boiled until  soft then whizzed to a puree. Onions fried separately until golden, a couple of cloves of chopped garlic fried too. Add samba style spices - , amchur. black salt, turmeric and a bit of chilli all fried in, then chopped chicken added, the lentil mix poured over and simmer away for 20 mins or so to make sure the chicken is cooked and the sauce reduced a bit. Stir in some tamarind paste. Then the fun bit. Heat a few tablespoons or more of oil until very hot,  then fry for a few seconds  mustard seeds, more chopped garlic, black cumin seeds and a few curry leaves, pour that all into the mix, and finally add a tablespoon of vinegar to taste.  

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