Thursday 17 October 2013

"A trio of Luxury Pork Sausages"

Why do  pubs and restaurants have to serve a  trio of sausages, can't they spell three? Oh well, it's better than the  European Offal Tubes sold in many shops. Hence the need to make my own. 

The great thing about home made sausages is that you know what's in the things. And what is in them. Meat. In my case, usually pork, but I've tried beef, lamb and turkey and all work well. There's some reasonable veggie fillings too, but I've not come across any veggie casings. 

The meat should not be too lean or the sausages will be dry, so have some fat. Shoulder is great, but this is leaner leg, so I've added some cube back fat, (from butchers and,  Polish Delis) you'll need some cereal too, breadcrumbs here. Mince the meat and fat. I like quite chunky meaty sausages, so mince half course, half fine.

Fine and coarse mincing plates

 add the crumbs and of course the seasoning. definitely salt - pepper, nutmeg, herbs etc, (I've tried pesto, cheese, apple  chilli, garlic, paprika and all sorts of things. Fry a small portion of the spiced meat to see if it tastes ok, and adjust to taste. Then ram the mixture back into the mincer and stuff yer tubes. Leave the to  talk amongst themselves before eating ot freezing them

I get the skins etc, and the hardware, from

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